what differentiates us

Inventory Availability

The steel industry is highly volatile. Managing and maintaining an optimal level of stock can be both challenging and expensive, particularly when booking on backorder. We strategically replenish to stock an extensive range of standard sizes to help make the task of purchasing easy and profitable for our customers. Ultimately, with access to a login portal updated in real-time, our customers are always ready to go.

By physically housing all of the required transformation processes under the same roof, and minimizing waste, our operations are optimized for a greater competitive advantage. We may not be able to control the market price, but we can control our costs.

As a result of our efforts in streamlining workflows, minimizing delays, and having control over production schedules, we can respond quicker to unanticipated customer demands with increased flexibility, yielding greater customer satisfaction.

By eliminating the reliance on outside processing, we have established a strong foundation of independence. Our dedicated service and support teams are also readily available to troubleshoot any difficulties and keep the operations running.

From sales and purchasing, to production and shipping, we have an effective way of collaborating among our team and different departments. This gives us the ability to quickly address concerns and properly forward any customer requirements or changes.

Managing the overall process internally also enables us to monitor and maintain strict quality control measures. We have a collection of testing equipment and specific task procedures defined to ensure consistent and reliable quality products.

In-House Processing

We have taken multiple steps to consolidate all of our equipment within our facility, fostering an independent manufacturing process. We have effectively created an environment that promotes efficiency, flexibility, and seamless collaboration, enabling us to deliver rapid, high-quality products and services. Explore the benefits of our integrated approach as we continue to drive excellence in our manufacturing capabilities.

On-Time Delivery

While advising a price is straightforward, respecting a date is a challenge that we value and take seriously across our operations. Our dedicated work teams and carriers will go the extra mile to always deliver as promised, because trust and piece of mind is paramount in our industry. Effectively, within Canada and the Northeastern United States, our customers can focus more on driving sales —and worry less about an overpromised date.

Verify status of open orders
Release for shipment
View and manage planned shipments
Reprint BOLs and MTRs
View inventory and production dates
Apply filters and favouritize items
Manage users and permissions

Fully integrated across all departments
Barcodes and scanning technology
Material and inventory traceability
Efficient task processes
Rapid customer service response
Less prone to human errors

Hands-free entry systems
Automatic packaging capabilities
Integration of a robotic solution
Automated conveyors and transfer cars
Advanced sensors and components
Embedded software
Machine monitoring and analytics

Overview of our entire operation
4K quality recordings
Playback capabilities for troubleshooting
Visual confirmation of shipment loads
Safety monitoring
Overall security assurance

Backup and disaster recovery system
Firewall monitoring and control
Endpoint detection and response
Antivirus and email security
Renewed hardware equipment
Firmware and software updates


As a manufacturer, we recognize the value of integrating the latest technology into our operations. Our commitment to streamlining processes and embracing automation has allowed us to enhance our service offerings. By implementing modern tools, we aim to provide our customers with the very best for their business while ensuring operational efficiency.

Consistent Quality

We employ a full range of tooling and testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products. We test for mechanical properties such as yield, tensile, and elongation. We also perform both destructive and non-destructive testing to validate the weld integrity for tubes. Additionally, we hold the highest standards on straightness, twist, and shape, among other tolerances. Sourcing only prime material is also without question, which means our customers don’t spend time to rework or return —and can achieve their best in productivity.