what we manufacture



We produce as-welded cold-formed structural HSS and mechanical ERW tubing, in hot rolled steel grades :

    • ASTM A513 Type 1
    • ASTM A500 Grade B/C
    • CSA G40.21 50W/350W


    • Square : 0.750″ – 5″
    • Rectangle : 1.500″ x 1″ – 6″ x 4″
    • Round : 1.050″ – 3.500″ OD
    • Thickness : 0.065″ – 0.250″
    • Length : 27″ – 600″



We produce slit-edge flat bars, in hot-rolled steel grades dual certification :

    • ASTM A36
    • CSA G40.21 44W/300W


    • Width : 1″- 20″
    • Thickness : 0.125″- 0.250″
    • Length : up to 288″ max


where our products go


Steel tubes are primarily used in structural support by providing load-bearing capacity, distributing forces, and enhancing the stability of the overall structure through their shock absorption, rigidity, and anchoring capabilities to the building's foundation.

Racks & Shelving

Steel tubes and flat bars support racks and shelving, forming the main framework as uprights and beams for stability and adjustability. They offer durability, accommodating heavy loads and easy expansion, making them ideal for long-term storage solutions.

Industrial Equipment

Steel tubes and flat bars play a multifaceted role in industrial equipment. They serve as essential framework and support elements, contributing to the structural integrity and stability of machinery. They are integral in machine frames and roller conveyors, and find use in robotics and lifting equipment.


Steel tubes in playgrounds offer strong support for play structures, support posts, and climbing frames, ensuring stability and safety. They create secure platforms and decks for children to play on, and also serve as safety features like handrails and barriers, enhancing the playground environment.

Pile Foundations

Steel tubes are utilized in pile foundations by being driven into the ground to create deep, strong structural supports for various constructions, ensuring stability and transferring loads to the underlying soil or bedrock.


Steel tubes are crucial in scaffolding, offering strong support and stability with vertical standards, horizontal ledgers, and diagonal braces. They also support platforms, serve as guardrails and toeboards for enhanced safety, enabling reliable and safe scaffolding systems for elevated tasks.

Fitness Equipment

Steel tubes provide strong support and stability in gym equipment, forming frames for weight benches, cable machines, and more. Their durability ensures a safe and reliable platform for users during workouts, making them essential in creating effective gym equipment.

Fencing & Posts

Steel tubes offer robust support and serve multiple functions in fencing and posts. Used as horizontal fence rails, vertical fence posts, and gate frames, they provide structural stability and durability. From security fencing to temporary systems, they enhance functionality.

Guards & Railings

Steel tubes and flat bars serve as handrails and guardrails for staircases, walkways, roads, and platforms, providing stability and safety. In industrial and railing systems, they create protective boundaries for safety and decoration.

Farming & Agriculture

Steel tubes and flat bars are widely used in farming equipment for strength and durability. They construct frames, attachments, and safety features in tractors and machinery. They also support various agricultural applications, including fencing, greenhouses, and livestock handling equipment.

Vehicle Components

Steel tubes play a vital role in vehicle components, providing strong support and multiple functions in chassis, frames, roll cages, and suspension. They enhance exhaust systems, and serve as reinforcements in high-load areas, ensuring reliable vehicle performance.

Ornamental & Design

Steel tubes and flat bars offer robust support, stability, and modern aesthetics, combining with materials for unique designs. They elevate interior spaces with an industrial touch, enhancing design elements like staircases and furniture.